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October 2016

  1. How to make a box

    Techniques by Susie Jefferson - based on a Class given at Blade Rubber
  2. Using Shrink Plastic

    A material gaining in popularity and no wonder as it inspires and surprises with every new piece. The metamorphosis from stamp and colour to shrink is always a revelation as you are never quite sure of the result.
  3. How to use Distress Inks

    Tim Holtz's Distress Inks are a completely different formulation from standard inks: they have been developed to produce an aged, grunged and shabby chic look to artwork and photographs. These inks are perfect for the current oh-so-fashionable 'vintage' look! Always make sure you replace the lid immediately after use to prevent the ink from drying out. Highly pigmented and with...
  4. How to Dry Emboss using Brass Stencils

    Dry embossing is a very simple, very elegant method of adding dimension to your artwork. Supplies needed are minimal: thin card stock or good quality paper, a stencil (brass or plastic), an embossing tool (wood handle with a steel blunt-ended needle at each end) and a lightbox. This is plastic, with a low-wattage bulb underneath to illuminate your working area.
  5. How to use and care for Unmounted Rubber or Clear Polymer stamps

    Unmounted stamps are easy to use, economical and space-saving. Much cheaper than wood-mounted stamps, they take less than a quarter of the storage space. Stamps are usually available in sheet form which you then cut up, although some companies will supply single images.
  6. How to use Embossing Powders

    Embossing adds an elegant, dimensional element to any stamped image. It may look difficult, but is in fact one of the most popular and effective rubber-stamping techniques of all.
  7. How to Store and care for Your Rubber Stamps

    Advice on how to clear, care for and store your mounted and unmounted stamps
  8. Stamping and Colouring Acetate

    Stamping and Colouring Acetate Techniques are from the class sheets of the popular classes given by Freyja

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